Products, trends and new clean ingredients; here’s what’s new in clean beauty.

What’s new in clean beauty

Clean beauty refers to products that are free of toxic chemicals like parabens, formaldehyde, petroleum, oxybenzone and many more. Clean beauty also refers to ethical business practices, sustainable, eco-friendly and sometimes vegan materials. Just like fashion, the beauty industry is now opening to the idea of cleaner and healthier beauty products. Beauty trends, sustainable packaging, cleaner ingredients are only some of the few good things that came out of the clean beauty industry.

Sustainable Packaging

According to Ulta Beauty, to be considered sustainable packaging, it has to be made with at least 50% of recycled or bio-sourced materials. Or the packaging should either be recyclable or refillable. Brands like Kopari–known for products made with 100% coconut oil– have partnered with private recycling company, TerraCycle®. This partnership allows customers to send their empties to TerraCycle’s headquarters which will then be recycled to make new Kopari packaging. 

Zero Waste Beauty

Living Organic Loving Ingredients or LOLI is a zero-waste beauty brand that also works as “Blend It Yourself” or aptly, BIY beauty. LOLI works by creating customizable beauty products that work for you and only you. It starts by picking a Multitasking Base that cleanses and/or hydrates the skin. Bases can either be in a form of essence, serums, toners or masks. Obviously, choosing which base to use will depend on what you need. But as multitaskers, these base products are known to target different problem areas in just a small amount. What’s interesting too is the masks, like this Matcha Coconut Paste mask is activated by adding two teaspoons of water, hydrosol or vinegar. Truly a BIY beauty treatment. As a clean beauty brand, LOLI sources its ingredients from organic and fair trade farms globally.

Other New Clean Beauty Products

What’s new in clean beauty

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There’s currently an influx of Vitamin C skin care products. Origins recently released Ginzing Vitamin C Eye Cream which helps brighten and depuff the undereye. It is completely vegan, gluten-free and comes in recyclable packaging. Glow Recipe, on the other hand, released a new vitamin C dark spot treatment serum made of guava extract and seed oil. This vegan, gluten and cruelty-free serum claim to reduce the appearance of dark spots while brightening and evening out the skin tone. 

REN Clean Skincare released two retinoid youth products. One is Bio Retinoid™ Youth Serum which is a lightweight concentrated serum that targets fine lines and wrinkles. The second product is Bio Retinoid™ Youth Concentrate Oil which is pretty much like the youth serum except this one includes organic rosehip oil. Both products are vegan, gluten and cruelty-free and come in recyclable packaging. 

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