I’ve stumbled upon one of the most fascinating and colorful platforms to find the future hit songs and break through artists. Infusing musical styles and genres from across the world, COLORS is the new youtube obsession. This is the type of channel you can watch for hours and not regret any second of it.


Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play and Soundcloud are used and loved by almost every listener to date. Clever playlists have music fans hooked with its accessibility and exclusive music from the biggest pop stars on the planet. For our extremely busy and fast paced minds we have a tendency to lose the joy of simply listening to music, rather than it play in the background. COLORS minimalistic presentation lets the viewer feel the goosebumps and enjoy the performance without distraction.

Below are a variety of songs, performed with passion, and of course, COLOR.  




Daniel Caesar – Best Part 

Daniel Caesar is effortlessly holding a cup of tea during this whole performance. How does he do it?



DEAN – Love Ft. Syd 

The song you need to play while driving down the west coast with your love by your side.



Kyle – ShipTrip 

Press Play if you need a mental vacation and would jump on a ship with KYLE to Japan.




Jaz Karis – Petty Lover

Maybe the most relatable song for that petty fight you got in with your love.



6LACK – Disconnect 

Dedicated to the friend who only wears black and might as well be obsessed with 6LACK.



GoldLink – Justine’s Interlude

Just what we need to hear after a long day of working AND it’s a freestyle. How does he do it?



Majid Jordan – What You Do To Me. 

I’m a tad biased to this one since this song has been my favourite for a while. 



James Vickery – Until Morning 

I suggest closing your eyes and getting lost in this song. 



And Last..

Angele – Ta Reine

No wonder her name is, “Angel,” Her angelic voice transports me somewhere heavenly.


To watch more by COLORS, follow the links below:

https://www.youtube.com/colorsxstudios – youtube https://colors-studios.com/ – official website
https://colors.lnk.to/fb – facebook
https://colors.lnk.to/insta – instagram
https://colors.lnk.to/twitter – twitter 


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