You’ve probably come across a list of wardrobe must-haves that every girl needs at least a hundred times. This list is not that. Do you really need a tailored blazer? Or expensive cashmere that you’ll only wear a few times out of the year?

We do all have things in life that we turn to time and time again —  that comfy pair of jeans you could easily wear three days in a row, that huge tote used for storing your entire life in, and that best friend that sends a single emoticon and you know exactly what they’re thinking. Good ol’ life staples that can make any day better—these are our real essentials. Here, we reveal a few that every modern girl should have at their fingertips at all times.


True Best Friend(s)

Every girl needs to find themselves a best friend who will help you through your toughest times simply by making you laugh. Someone who will WhatsApp you to tell you about your ex’s new girlfriend and an hour later you’re both still on the phone 52 weeks deep in the newbie’s Instagram feed sending each other screenshots. Someone who hates your ex more than you do and is the voice in your head telling you to have a drink before noon and live a little. True best friends are essential, so make sure you do what it takes to always have them in your life.


A Little Black Dress for Any Occasion

I know I said we wouldn’t include standard wardrobe staples, but unlike tailored trousers you can always depend on a LBD for any and every occasion. You never have to worry about not having anything to wear. It’s simple yet trendy, elegant yet versatile and like a pair of great fitting jeans it will never go out of style. It’s easy to pair with any kind of shoe, and match with any colour bag. With accessories, you can stay classic with some diamond studs — or even go wild with some big statement earrings. Plus, its the perfect thing to wear when you’re getting ready for a job interview or going on a first date. 

Audrey Hepburn via Pinterest


That One Pair Of Jeans That Fits Perfectly

Every woman should have that ONE pair of jeans. From sophisticated and skinny to straight-leg or bootcut, there’s the perfect pair out there waiting for you. You need to look for the kind of denim that hugs you perfectly in all the right places and one that effortlessly transitions from day to night. These are important to have and perfect for any occasion — a definite must have in life. Whether you wear them with comfy sneakers or sky-high platform pumps, jeans are a win for every modern girl.


A Carry-All Tote

There’s a fine line between wanting to be prepared for anything and carrying around a 10 pound handbag. Unfortunately, if you’re anything like me, you fall into the latter and rely on one particular bag in your wardrobe to store your entire life in. The kind of run-around bag with soft, comfy handles and a deep base that can carry all your daily essentials. It’s the kind of bag that can take you from the gym to the shops, and then out for drinks with the girls, so trust me when I say it will become an absolute lifesaver.


Your Signature Drink

There’s never been a better time to be a drinking connoisseur than 2019. Whether it’s wine, a spirit, a latte, that FIJI water bottle you always carry around, or even a couple of pops, everyone needs a signature drink. The kind of beverage that liquefies your personality and is designed to reflect the real you. It has to have the right look to reflect your persona, and it should most definitely come with a story.  If you don’t have one, then it’s time to go out and create that memory. We’ll drink to that…


Well there you have it — this isn’t a list of the must have items you need to buy this season, but more so a list of the few modern essentials every girl in this era should have (throughout all seasons, n0t just summer!) to make life just a little easier on a day to day basis.

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