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Running any sort of food establishment, café, restaurant, diner, or other eating establishment comes with a whole host of sanitation protocols.

As winter draws near, those in the foodservice industry may encounter a unique set of challenges that they don’t need to battle in the summer months. One of these is the possible relocation of pests — like mice, cockroaches, and rats — who commonly move indoors where it’s warm, dry, and safe and where there’s a food supply.

Read on as we explore some effective strategies and winter-centric tips for pest control in cafes and restaurants.

Revisit Storage Solutions

As mentioned above, often critters and pests come indoors with a small list of wants, and one is a readily available food source. Ensure that supplies are in adequately stored, airtight containers that can prevent contamination. Limit a significant attraction that may encourage a pest to call your space home. Take time to regularly check and clean storage areas, too, as crumbs and spills can attract pests.

Check Your Perimeter

While inspections are a good idea regardless of the season, making them is especially important in the winter. Check the perimeter of your business, looking for gaps, holes or cracks in walls, doors or windows, which animals could use as entry points. Cast a keen eye around your buildings and seal openings when you see them.

Keep in mind that mice can fit through a hole that’s just one-fourth of an inch in diameter; that’s about the width of a pencil!

Connect with Top-Tier Pest Control Services

Ultimately, prevention is better than dealing with a situation once it’s underway. 

If you’ve got any concerns (perhaps you saw one too many gaps on the outside of your business, and you’re worried a rodent has already made its way indoors!), connecting with a reputable pest control specialist is your best option.

Ensure the pest control company you choose is experienced in dealing with the food service industry. Specialist companies like GreenLeaf Pest Control not only meet but exceed the standards imposed by third-party audit organizations; treatments are Health Canada-approved, so you can be safe in the knowledge that there’s no risk to the environment or the health of your customers and team members.

Check All Deliveries

A lesser considered inbound opportunity for pests is catching a ride in a delivery van. Don’t let bugs and critters construct a Trojan Horse this winter. 

Train team members and encourage them to inspect all deliveries, food or otherwise, for signs of pests themselves, or visual cues — like nibble marks or droppings. If there’s any doubt at all that a delivery has been corrupted, quarantine it in a safe location or send it back.

The Bottom Line

Pest control in the winter is vital for food establishments. Seeing a bug or critter can cause harmful shockwaves throughout the community, instantly damaging your reputation and getting you into hot water with health inspection agent-.

By implementing regular inspections, proper storage, cleanliness, and professional pest control services, you can create a warm and inviting dining experience for your customers while keeping unwelcome guests at bay.

Published by HOLR Magazine.