Fashion is one of the quickest evolving industries. Hardly anyone would argue that fashion has evolved in the same nature. More recently, street style has pretty much reinvented itself. I know you can hear your mothers voice in your head, telling you how they wore those same awful shaped jeans and much too revealing crop tops in the 80s, exclaiming how its all come back. They aren’t wrong – but how often do you hear fathers and grandfathers talk about the souvenir jackets they brought back from the war?


A bomber-styled jacket, also known as a Sukajan, with authentic detailing relating to Japanese culture, can be found as the latest street style trend. Worn casually, the jacket’s colours and designs provide an interesting flare and an outfit upgrade. The best part about this jacket, it carries a historical significance.

Many soldiers in the Second World War brought these jackets home as souvenirs from their time in Japan for both themselves and family members. Even back then, getting your hands on one of these jackets was considered a major fashion statement.

Now celebrities such as Drake and Olivia Palermo can be seen in Sukajans. Fashion retailers and street wear brands have adopted their own lines of these jackets, though the quality and authenticity suffer.

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Written by: Ania Bessonov