Infamous Youtuber, Miles Routledge, is among those who have been captured and detained by the Taliban.

HOLR is diving into the latest case involving dark tourist YouTuber ‘Lord Miles’ who is among others that have been captured and detained by the Taliban.

Youtuber Kidnapped by Taliban

As mentioned here, Routledge is among three U.K. nationals who have been captured by the Taliban. Routledge reportedly “[goes] to the most dangerous places on Earth for fun” and goes by the online moniker Lord Miles. Apparently, they are being held by the Taliban secret police.

Not a lot of details have emerged regarding the arrest or the conditions which those being held are experiencing.  Routledge supposedly got his claim to fame as a “war tourist.” As mentioned here, Routledge just escaped Afghanistan during the fall of Kabul in 2021.

Routledge was arrested earlier last month- alongside two Polish nationals (Adrian Wojcik, 22, and Roman Bilski, 24) as noted here.

Is Miles Routledge safe?

Scott Richards, who is a negotiator working for the British humanitarian NGO, the Presidium Network, reportedly believes all of the men being detained are safe (mentioned here) even though no news has come since their arrest.

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