You don’t have to break the bank to get in shape, as being healthy and strong shouldn’t cost you hundreds of dollars a month. It’s hard not to feel the pressure when you see so many great fitness classes and workshops online, so of course you would love to try Zumba, Pilates, Yoga, HITT — the list goes on and on!

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Let’s be honest,  you can’t do it all when you’re trying to save for that dream home, or if you want to travel. Thankfully, you can find great workout classes to try from the comfort of your home, or on the go if you travel for work. This allows you to invest your money in one workout studio and try other workouts without spending more than you need to. Our moms used to watch fitness videos at home or purchase videos and this worked for them, so don’t doubt that it’ll definitely work for you! Here are 3 YouTube Fitness channels we can’t get enough of:



If there is one fitness YouTube channel you should subscribe up to, this is it! POPSUGAR Fitness has hundreds of videos to choose from. One of the great things about this fitness channel is that you get to discover fitness instructors that have their own YouTube channels as well. It’s a great introduction to new workouts such as The Bar Method, Tabata and P90xx. 


Tone It Up

This workout channel was founded by two fitness trainers Karena and Katrina. Tone It Up offers more than just videos, it’s a wellness brand that’s dedicated to helping you achieve your fitness and health goals. On their website, you have access to healthy recipes, a nutrition plan and supplements such as plant-based protein and collagen.  


Pamela Reif 

Pamela Reif is a wellness influencer with over 4.3 million Instagram followers that shares quick high-intensity workouts on her YouTube channel Pamela Rf. Pamela is known for her healthy recipes that she features on her Instagram account called Pam Goes Nuts


We hope you are love these fitness and wellness channels as much we do. Let’s get strong and healthy together! 

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