If you own a brick and mortar store, you should know that cleanliness is so crucial to shoppers. It has a huge impact on their shopping experience. Some shoppers will step out as soon as they walk into a store that doesn’t look clean and well organized. As a matter of fact, whenever any shopper enters a store, they are quick to notice turn-offs such as sticky floors, dirty surfaces, dusty corners, spills on the floor, and much more. These can create a negative first impression of the store.

However, if a store can convince its customer that it genuinely prioritizes cleanliness, that’s some real victory right there. Below are 4 reasons why cleanliness is so important to shoppers.

1. Grocery Stores Demand High Levels of Hygiene

In grocery stores, cleanliness is not something to cut corners with. Grocers sell what we eat and, therefore, from outsourcing, preparing, and packaging, they must maintain high standards of cleanliness at all times. This is not to forget that they need to be properly managed to stay fresh and avoid attracting pests (both of which are scenarios that could attract disease pathogens), and, fortunately, affordable pest control for grocery stores and supermarkets is available these days. This means that entrepreneurs in this line of business can rest easy. These professional services ensure that your store is free from cockroaches, flies, rodents, and other pests that could be drawn by your products at the shelves or storage rooms. 

To be honest, a shopper who spots a roach at the shelves may never return to that store again. They could even write bad reviews for your store, which is the last thing anyone would want for their brand.

2. Shoppers Value Their Health

Store cleanliness is more than just keeping shoppers happy. It is all about ensuring they stay safe and healthy while shopping. As a shopper, you would certainly love to shop in a store that is free of any health hazards. Stores with unclean restrooms, unpleasant odors, dirty floors, spills, and dirty shopping carts pose health risks to shoppers, especially with the current COVID-19 pandemic. Shoppers would prefer to visit stores that value their health by providing clean and comfortable shopping environments.

3. Cleanliness Offers a Positive Shopping Experience

Truth be told, the cleanliness of the store influences the overall shopping experience even more than the customer service itself. It determines the shopper’s willingness to consider buying and whether to come back again or not. The fitting rooms, washrooms, payment areas, shopping carts, parking lots, and the like should be kept sparkling clean since they affect how shoppers perceive a particular shopping store. In fact, store cleanliness is what creates top-rated customer loyalty in any business.

4. Consumers Associate Messy with Dirty

Most often, a messy store is perceived as dirty and there is a correlation between the two. Shoppers hate shopping in a store with cluttered aisles, shelf tags that are not clearly marked, and so forth. However, a tidy and shopper-friendly store attracts shoppers since they can easily find what they need without wasting much time. Moreover, a messy store raises trust issues about the management and no customer would want to shop in a store they don’t trust.

As highlighted in the post, whether we like it or not, cleanliness standards hugely influence the customers’ shopping behaviors. Therefore, regardless of the type of store you own, it is imperative to prioritize cleanliness. At best, you may consider hiring professional store cleaning services.