What is an outfit without the accessories? You guessed it, incomplete. Cannaseur offers premium, handcrafted, cannabis humidors for optimal cannabis storage. Gagan Gill and Scott Lyons wanted to combine their passion for sustainable wood products and their love for cannabis. Most importantly the duo wanted to fight the stigma of cannabis. Gagan and Scott were determined to change the narrative surrounding the stereotype of the “ lazy stoner” into a person of sophistication simply enjoying life. Stigmas were made to be broken and cannabis was made to have storage.

As Gagan and Scott would say You wouldnt leave your favourite Scotch in a shoebox under your bed?” NO. Put your bud on display.”

High- End Solid Wood Design

Each piece is uniquely handmade, it is like the millennial centrepiece to your coffee table. Theyre 100% wood (mahogany or walnut) that weigh in about 10lbss for the larger units and 5 lbs for the smaller units. I can feel the prestige aesthetic in the weight already.

Optimal 55% Humidity Level

The product is patented in two-way Micropore Core technology, which cultivates humidity levels, therefore your bud doesnt get too dry and breakable, but it also does not get too moist that it molds/mildew starts to form.

Protection From Uv Light

Cannaseur attests that UV rays will not break down the cellular structure of the bud.


Oxygen is extremely beneficial for the flowers to grow. Once they are harvested it can result in degradation. These generate a vacuum-like environment, safeguarding its contents from too much air-flow. The mahogany interior also seals in all those delightful aromas

Optional Lock

Its always a plus to have your most admired possessions lock protected. The lock is also a great way to ensure children cant get into your stash and keep any pets safely away from it! The lock makes the Cannaseur aesthetic a bit sexier- like you have this little secret hidden treasure.

Large Capacity

 The Cannaseur glass jars store up to 50 grams of your bud.

Cannaseur is the must-have accessory for the elevated sophisticated cannabis user. The brand is playing its part in breaking the stigma of stoner shame”, so cannabis users no longer feel the need to hide. They should be able to put their love for cannabis on display! 

Cannaseurs humidors are the type of containers that don’t just preserve your bud, theyre decor for the home, plus they have locks to keep prying little hands out. Head over to Cannaseur’s website to elevate your home and cannabis today!