Chanel has released the highly anticipated new additions to its Les Beiges range. The Les Beiges range has always set out to create a healthy glow, enhancing natural beauty for a nude second-skin effect. The Les Beiges 2019 release has added more products to this already brilliant line-up and they are sure fire winners for a fresh, ready-for-summer look.

Images via Chanel Beauty 


Chanel Les Beiges “Eau de Teint” Water-Fresh Tint

With this foundation, Chanel have dropped some serious new patented technology. The product is created with 75% water, containing suspended micro-droplets of pigment that blend on application. It comes with a brush to help apply the tint, which glides smoothly onto skin for a sheer, no-makeup, natural look. There are six shades, each of which give a finish on the dewy side and keep your skin illuminated throughout the day. It’s worth noting that this is a very light coverage product which could be used on its own, as a primer or for an over makeup glow. If you want more coverage, another product in the collection such as the Les Beiges Sheer Healthy Glow Tinted Moisturiser may be more suitable while still delivering a natural look. All in all, the tint feels light, refreshing and comfortable on application and could be a great new addition to your summer toolkit to make the most of that sun-kissed skin!  


Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Sheer Powder

The Healthy Glow Sheer Powder is already a staple of the Les Beiges collection and this new 2019 edition comes in gorgeous limited-edition packaging with a replica of Coco Chanel’s signature on the case and pressed into the powder. The case also contains a mirror and includes a handy half-moon brush, making it a great option for touch-ups throughout the day. The new version of this powder does come without SPF (unlike the original which had SPF 15), so make sure you get your SPF elsewhere. The product gives a lovely matte finish (something that would work well with the above Les Beiges “Eau de Teint” Water-Fresh Tint) without being too powdery and meets the natural glow expectations of this collection.


Chanel Les Beiges “Les Indispensables” Natural Eyeshadow Collection

This nine pan eyeshadow palette is a beautiful product. Delivering a variety of neutrals that are designed to enhance nude skin, Chanel describe the colour range as follows:


– A light warm brown

– An ivory pinky beige highlighter

– A warm taupe chocolate

– A pink peach

– A taupe platinum

– A taupe khaki grey

– A deep chocolate

– A bronze gold

– A dusty red-brown


This is a great selection that can work day or night, with a real mix of mattes and metallics to build an understated look. It would be worth investing in an eye primer to extend the wear of any eyeshadow, but these have staying powder and are really soft on application. This palette is easy to use, would be a great investment in terms of versatility and much like the rest of the range comes in beautiful, iconic packaging including dual-ended applicators and a mirror.


Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Lip Balm Intense

The new lip colour in this range comes with all the benefits of Chanel’s usual Healthy Glow Lip Balm formula which is enriched with Vitamin E and moringa butter. It feels beautiful and glides on, being instantly smoothing and hydrating with anti-pollution qualities. The new Intense shade is a warm red to suit the majority of skin-tones, giving a hint of sheer colour which can be layered and applied throughout the day as a normal lip balm.


Overall, the newly released range is another success for the Les Beiges collection and each product works magic for summer skin. If you have to go with just one (or have already stocked up on other Les Beiges products) the Les Indispensables eyeshadow palette would be the way to go with its versatility and timeless shades.