How is Sam Neill doing amid his cancer battle?

Jurassic Park actor Sam Neill has opened up regarding his ongoing cancer battle and he says, “I’m not afraid.”

Since being diagnosed with Stage 3 blood cancer in 2022, the 76-year-old actor has not let cancer slow him down.

In fact, he is doing quite well. Although admits that the transfusions leave him feeling drained and weakened.

From his return to Jurassic Park, to authoring his memoire and working on projects in Australia, Sam Neill proves that there is still life outside of cancer.

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“I know I’ve got it, but I’m not really interested in it,” Neill told Australian Story.

But perhaps the most admirable thing Neill has said about his cancer journey is accepting what is and move forward.

“It’s out of my control. If you can’t control it, don’t get into it.”

Sam Neill turns his diagnosis in something positive?

Despite the effects of the chemotherapy and infusions, Neill decided to make the most of the experience and learn to live more.

Also, have you checked out his memoire? ‘Did I Ever Tell You This?‘ click the link to read all about it.

However, he credits his family for the book, revealing that he wanted them to have some of his stories.

“I thought it would be great for them to have some of my stories. I mightn’t be here in a month or two. We’ll leave something for them.”

So, it’s great that he is not letting cancer stop him from doing all that he can. It’s not just about the treatments, instead it’s about doing what he wanted to do, while he still can.

It’s truly inspiring.

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But what’s next?

Well Neill got candid about what is coming next, when the treatments stop working and in short-

“I’m prepared for that.” He just doesn’t want it to be right now since there is still so much left, he wants to do and see.


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But for now, Neill wants to keep working and hopefully he will get to do as many things as he can, and his life be as fulfilling as he can make it.

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