Why is “Biden mocking MTG” going viral online? HOLR breaks down the trending video with over 40 million views.

A recent video posted by the President of the United States, Joe Biden, on social media mocking Marjorie Taylor Greene garnered more than 30M views in 12 hours according to this article. Greene is a Georgia Republican congresswoman, and Biden used clips from her speech as part of his latest campaign video. In her speech, Greene was attempting to criticize Biden’s programmes and policy issues, although – according to this article- The White House and Democratic members of Congress thought of her comparison as a ‘compliment.’ This is because she attempted to compare him to past Presidents Lyndon B. Johnson and Franklin D. Roosevelt, as noted here.

As a result, her speech was used throughout Biden’s campaign video ad that dropped earlier this week.

Biden Video

President Biden posted the below viral campaign video on social media on July 18 to his followers. The video has since been viewed over 40 million times and counting.

As mentioned here, this video garnered the second-highest impressions on a Biden video since his inauguration.

Biden’s caption was simply, “I approve this message.”

The White House Twitter also took to social media to address the video in this follow-up tweet:

What do you think of Biden’s now-viral campaign video?

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