A viral video of the United States President Joe Biden falling on stage is going viral.

Joe Biden Fall

A video of Joe Biden falling on stage is taking the internet by storm. Biden reportedly fell during an event in Colorado after he supposedly lost his footing on a sandbag that was sitting on stage, as mentioned here. The President was handing out diplomas at a graduation ceremony for the US Air Force Academy, as also noted here.

Joe Biden Trips

A TikTok video of the incident, shared by user @thesun, shows Biden tripping and falling during the ceremony.


President Joe Biden has suffered another fall (🎥: Reuters) #joebiden #biden #president #potus #airforce #graduation #fall #trip #us #unitedstates #news #usnews #fyp #foryoupage

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In the clip, Biden is helped back up and returns to his seat unassisted. The clip has since gone viral online.

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