Hunter Biden laptop photo archive is trending online after allegedly being published. HOLR breaks down the news.  

hunter biden

Image Credit: AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

Hunter Biden Laptop

According to this article, an “extensive” photo archive- with almost 10,000 photos- retrieved from Hunter Biden’s laptop has been published on a website. The archive consisted of photos taken between the years of 2008-2019.

Hunter- son of President Joe Biden– is reportedly currently at the center of an investigation revolving around his supposed business affairs and alleged gun and tax crimes. News of Hunter’s laptop containing the alleged information was supposedly covered up to protect his father, Joe, during the 2020 election, as noted here.

According to the article, Garrett Ziegler’s non-profit Marco Polo organization allegedly hosts BidenLaptopEmails.com. This website supposedly makes more than 120,000 emails from the laptop accessible to internet users. Ziegler is former president Donald Trump’s former aide.


Hunter Biden Wife

As noted in the article, among the redacted pictures are supposedly some that highlight private info, inclusive of alleged banking information.

Allegedly, there are photos of Hunter surrounded by drug articles as well as supposed explicit photos of Hunter’s lover Hallie Biden. Hallie was previously Hunter’s sister-in-law, Beau Biden’s widow. Beau was Hunter’s brother. The duo reportedly got together as a result of “grief” and Page Six exclusively reported their affair in 2017 after stating Hunter had separated from his wife at the time, Kathleen Biden (mentioned here).

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