With technology, you’re just one click away from living a paradisiacal experience that you’ll never forget. Boat rental in Corfu sounds like a dream come true. Corfu is one of the best Greek Islands for boating and in this article, you’ll discover why.

Let’s explore together 3 different options you have according to your budget and sailing style.

Ahoy! We’re embarking on some delicious vessels along the turquoise Ionian Sea:

The Catamaran Experience

If luxury is your thing and you’re pretty new to sailing, a catamaran is definitely your choice. Feel the wind right on your face while your feet enjoy the balance of a two-hull vessel. Renting a catamaran won’t cost you a fortune. From 286 €, you can rent a catamaran on SamBoat, delighting your eyes with the breathtaking views of the Ionian Sea and enjoying the comfort of a very spacious boat. How does it feel to navigate a catamaran? In one word…stable! The features of this ship make their movements more dampened than other boats and ideal for those who don’t like sudden movements at sea.

The Sailboat Way

A sailboat is a classic move for the Greek waters. The advantages of renting a sailboat are many: As they require more maneuvering than catamarans, they’re perfect for those sailors who enjoy adventures on a one-hull vessel—and can’t sit down and do nothing! Certain speeds in tandem with wind conditions make you feel the navigation more intensely than on a catamaran. There are sailboats for all budgets and they come in different sizes: The Beneteau Sense will provide comfort and a more luxurious cruise, while models from Jenneau will deliver speed and performance geared towards regattas. If you’re looking for something in the middle, Dufour offers a solid compromise by being both efficient and comfortable. You can choose to rent a sailboat on SamBoat with or without a skipper.

Yacht Life

Yachts are the perfect fit if you’re looking for a high-end type of vessel, a lot of space on decks, and going on long trips. Its social design makes it particularly suited for parties where comfort is the protagonist. Washing machines, refrigerators, and dryers are everywhere, ready to give you the best memories of the Ionian Sea. You can even find hot tubs, gyms, and swimming pools on a yacht. For 1916 € you can rent a yacht and start living the Corfu dream! When choosing this one, you can have a skipper or full crew to enjoy the most of your trip.

All in All

By now, we bet you’ve already pictured yourself on one of these, dancing to your favorite playlist with your loved ones. Whatever your budget and sailing style are, start packing because there’s a vessel waiting for you in Corfu. Renting a boat is not a headache anymore. Hiring a boat in Greece is easy with SamBoat. Whether it’s a catamaran, a sailboat, or a yacht, you can choose from a fleet of 45.000 boats all around the world.

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