“What if the outside was the inside, and the inside was the outside.” One of the most genius lines in comedy films history was from the 1998 film starring Will Farrell,  ‘Night At The Roxbury.’ This film had no real connection to design but the line comes at a perfect time when the interior design trend “bringing the outside in” is what we are talking about.

Builder Magazine

Design trends vary from places and cities you live in, personal style, and just trends in general. Right now the average suburb or city goer usually is following the trends of clean lines, white tones, and less clutter, for this new design trend, the interior design might vary depending on whose style this fits with, but it is a simple and very easy way to give yourself and your place a cool, earthy vibe, but still keep it clean and simple. 

Bringing the outside inside might seem off, but it’s not about bringing everything, it’s about bringing a vibe. Bringing the outside inside is easy just follow these few trendy steps and you’ll feel that outdoor oasis all year round. 

The first major step is to pick your colour pallet, you can do neutral tones like sand/beige, greens and browns, or do clean whites with details like wood accents to make it more earthy. The main idea of bringing the outdoors in is the cool tones. Cool tones are blues, and greens, they make things seem colder, but naturally, you will feel more comfortable. These cool tones can make you feel outdoors by adding these colours onto walls with paint, into furniture like couches or accent chairs, or in the artwork. Adding colour is one of the most important parts, and keeping with colour, green plants throughout your house not only vibe with the theme but give pops of colour.

Architecture Digest

The second way to make your interior feel more outdoorsy is with accents or permanent furniture. If you are doing your kitchen and you’re following this vibe the best and most recent design trend is to remove the stuffiness of cabinets. Upper cabinets are no longer a trend, what many people are doing is open shelving, and allowing this shelving to not only be an accent piece but a total design detail when incorporating style. 

This open shelving for that outdoor vibe can be a wood accent. Wood accents can go many ways depending on your overall vibe, with clean looks do a clean, polished wood piece, for a true outdoors look think about live edge wood, giving it that rough look, and keeping it real. Another trend to keep it consistent is concrete countertops, these are the perfect outdoor looks, unlike a marble or granite that will take away from the look. 

Adding all these elements is a true testament to those who love the outdoors but want to create a clean and consistent look throughout the inside of their house, and make you feel more relaxed and one with nature.