Britney Spears took to Instagram to show off her outfit- and a pink graffiti wall- in a recent Instagram video.

Britney Spears is back on Instagram in a recent video. HOLR is sharing the details below.

Britney Spears Instagram

Check out this new Instagram video from Spears, below.


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Posted 2 days ago, it shows the star posing in front of a pink graffiti wall in a green dress and wedge sandals.

There are no comments on the post but the star looks happy as she posed alongside a graffiti wall. The caption states: I was hot in my car ?☀️? … saw some pink graffiti and played ?????? !!!

Britney Spears Boyfriend

Spears is married to Sam Asghari.

However, rumors began swirling that Spears had a new man– her manager Cade Hudson- after the two recently took a trip to Mexico together. Asghari recently addressed marriage rumors, confirming that there are no issues between him and Spears, mentioned here. He reportedly could not make it to Mexico due to work as noted here.

According to this article, Hudson allegedly staged an intervention with the star during this trip. This was supposedly done so to “remind her who she really is”.

When did Britney Spears come out

The star made her debut in 1998 with “Baby One More Time.”

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