Influencer couple – AKA Della Vlogs- (Bella and Dallin) came out to explain that their recent adoption was a scam- what happened? HOLR breaks it down.

What happened to Bella and Dallin’s adoption? HOLR breaks down the breaking news about the couple’s fake adoption.


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Della Vlogs Adoption

Influencer couple Bella and Dallin (Della Vlogs) recently came out to say that their adoption process was a scam. The duo was expected to adopt – and preparing for the arrival of- two identical twin girls but realized the woman they were adopting from was never pregnant in the first place and that she had scammed other couples as well.

Check out this YouTube video of the couple announcing the scam on their vlog channel.

As outlined in the video, the pair had been struggling with infertility for 5 years and the two were excited about the arrival of two identical twin baby girls they were expecting to adopt once born. They showed their excitement in the video, planning a gender reveal party, purchasing baby products, and telling family members about the happy news.

Della Vlogs Adoption Scam

Bella and Dallin said that they met this woman in person multiple times, did birthing classes with her, and she had reportedly met with an agency. However, the entire time this woman was allegedly faking her pregnancy because she was wearing a fake bump.

The couple is reportedly in shock. They stated they are “excited” to share this story so another family doesn’t get scammed. They mentioned one red flag that twin adoptions are very “few and far between.” When they started talking to her via text message, they stated that they seemed “too good to be true.” They were very in-depth and got them very excited.

When they met her for lunch, the woman stated that they would be “perfect” for these girls. When they continued talking over text, the woman encouraged them to get the nursery ready with everything they would need for the arrival of the twins. They ended up buying two of everything- cribs, etc.

“It was such a dream come true,” stated Bella in terms of getting the nursery ready. Now she can’t enter the room.

The woman also encouraged them to do a gender reveal and wanted to be included in it. The couple agreed and threw the gender reveal of their dreams. “All of these moments have just been tainted now,” stated Bella. “We learned you can’t trust people,” added Dallin.


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Bella and Dallin also took birthing classes with this woman and were “excited” to do that. They set up private birthing classes in person to take 9 weeks of classes. They wrote down a hospital plan for the birth to go smoothly so they would all be ready. They were trying to be as “supportive” as possible. The woman allegedly also had a call with the social worker at the adoption agency as well. The excuses she had for not meeting with the agency in person were so believable, according to Bella and Dallin.

When they learned that the adoption was a scam, they were “crushed” to find out she had been scamming them and another family in the process. When they started further investigating the instances that seemed fishy, they realized it was all a scam.

Della Vlogs Reddit

Reddit users took to the platform to discuss the adoption scam in this thread. Check out what people had to say about the situation below.

“Now I hope they see the difference of going through a trusted agency rather than social media to avoid agency fees my gosh they need to learn,” said one user.

“Wow when I went on YT this afternoon and saw the video I immediately clicked. I watched the first two minutes and I can’t handle it anymore. The stupidity of both of them and just how rushed their whole adoption journey felt is just icky. I know everyone is commenting about it but I feel like they should just take a step back away from social media,” said another user.

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