Elon Musk warns Italy is dying in latest Twitter thread.

Elon Musk commented on a recent tweet by Twitter user and cybersecurity researcher, Andrea Stroppa @andst7, which featured the below caption and image using official data (as mentioned here):

Caption: Italy’s Ministry of Health estimates that 14.1 million of 58 million citizens are affected by chronic diseases. With one of the oldest populations and one of the lowest birth rates, Italy risks the collapse of public health and then extinction

elon musk italy

Image Credit: Twitter

Elon Musk took to his own Twitter to comment on the thread, stating:

Italy & many other nations are dying

After Musk’s comment, other users started chiming in on the situation, sparking a debate within the comment section. Musk’s tweets usually garner attention and spark debate among users of the platform. For instance, Musk previously commented on controversial subjects such as; American politics, the Ukraine-Russia War, and cryptocurrencies.

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Image Credit: Twitter

In a previous thread with Stroppa from back in May 2022, Musk also commented and warned of Italy’s worrying population decline, as noted here.

elon musk

Image Credit: Thestreet.com

What do you think about Elon’s latest Tweets regarding Italy risking disappearing as a result of an aging population combined with a low fertility rate, as mentioned here?

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