Producer Kevin Turen has died at the age of 44.

Although no cause of death has been revealed yet, Euphoria and Idol Producer Kevin Turen passed away this weekend.

His cause of death is unknown at this time.

Kevin Turen leaves behind his wife, Evelina, and sons, Jack and James.

euphoria kevin turen

Credit Image: Patrick McMullan/ Daily Mail/ Getty Images

But when his death was first announced on Sunday, Turen’s father Edward issued a brief statement to Deadline.

“Kevin was so incredibly special; this world is going to be less without him.”

Meanwhile, his friend Jay Penske, CEO of the Penske Media Corporation also spoke out about his friend’s death.

Emphasising that nothing meant more to Turen than his family and friends saying that they were Kevin’s “greatest passion.”

Concluding his statement, Penske added, “Our collective heart breaks for them, and we all feel such a profound sense of loss.”

But what happened that took away such a devoted, loving and loyal man who had such a profound impact on everyone around him?

Is Euphoria cursed?

Of course, Kevin Turen’s death comes just a few months after the devastating loss of Euphoria star Angus Cloud.

euphoria angus cloud

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Whose death broke the hearts of friends, family, colleagues and fans around the world.

Cloud who passed away from an accidental overdose on July 31 of this year, was 25.

And you have to wonder about the devastating bad luck that seems to be plaguing the cast and crew.

Is there a curse attached to the show?

Well, some people on TikTok think so and here is what they had to say.

First clip from TikTok’s ‘murder honey’ says the show is doomed.

@murderhoney Curse on Euphoria?! #euphoria #euphoriaseason3 ♬ Creepy simple horror ambient(1270589) – howlingindicator

While another had pegged it as cursed months ago.

@shompsz Euphoria is cursed, cancel the show, rip to angus cloud because this is literally so sad 😭😭😭 RIP ANGUS CLOUD ❤️ . . . . . . #anguscloud #ripanguscloud #euphroia #euphoriaseason2 #writersstrike #sagstrike #actorsstrike #zendaya #zendayaeuphoria #cassieeuphoria #maddyeuphoria #popculture #shaderoom #popculturenewstoday #celebritynews #celebritydeaths ♬ original sound – Shompa

So, do you think the show is cursed and should be left to rest?

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