Having made their presence felt in the wellness sector, cannabis topicals are quickly becoming the perfect gift for the special people in your life. Whether for yourself as a little treat, a friend who might need a little bit of self-care, or a significant other to elevate a couple’s massage, Solei’s recently launched Topicals collection makes for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. 

Simply speaking, cannabis topicals are creams and ointments infused with THC, CBD, or a combination of both cannabinoids. 

Applied directly to the skin, — these creams make for the perfect massage and make a must-have gift to help set the mood and spice up the day of love. 

A combination of the pleasant aroma, the 500mg of cannabinol content, and the rich texture, will surely give your favourite non-cannabis infused cream a run for its money. 


Perfect for: the one who’s always centred and starts or ends their day in harmony. 

Balance is considered the “harmonizer” of the topicals line. The 1:1 THC/CBD citrus cream has a 250mg THC and 250mg CBD balance, which creates the perfect harmony. Available in orange citrus, the aromatic tendencies are fruity and excellent for day or night. 


Perfect for: the someone who is constantly “on” and treasures the idea of winding down. 

Unplug is the lavender-scented hybrid topical cream, with 350mg of THC and 150mg of CBD. This low-energy cream is a wonderful addition to one’s nighttime routine. As you unplug from your electronics and unplug your mind, let Unplug accompany your evening turndown. 


Perfect for: the someone who enjoys feeling liberated and free throughout their day — looking to let go of their stresses and tension and take a moment of “me-time.”

Free boasts 500mg of CBD and will start to roll out in February 2021 — just in time for Valentine’s Day. This liberating cream is a medium-energy cream and is available in a scented and unscented version; the scent embodies a light and fresh cucumber mint aroma. 

With the year we’ve had, a wellness gift is highly deserved and trying out one of these new Solei products with that special someone in your life could be exactly what’s needed this February 14th! 

If you’re looking to pick some up to try out or gift them, check out your local licensed cannabis retailers across Ontario and from OCS, while supplies last.