With 2020 coming to an end and the new year coming up, we reflect back on a year that brought us an unprecedented experience; the lockdown. This December marks 9 months of lockdown and to celebrate, Heinz by Nature is releasing Lockdown Lovebaby, the limited edition baby collection with cute, witty quarantine quips for babies born during this unusual time.

Back in March, our lives changed and while most of us were busy hoarding all the toilet paper we could find as lockdown took hold, others were busy, well, getting busy. Because, hey—it’s only natural when you’re stuck in the same house together for over nine months.
Now, 40 weeks later, Canada will be welcoming our first batch of buns straight from the quarantine oven, ushering in a new year of babies born out of a truly “unprecedented time.” According to a new survey conducted by Angus Reid in December, over one third of Canadians either announced or know someone who announced their pregnancy since Canadians locked down in March. To celebrate them and help them own their unique status in style, Heinz by Nature is outfitting these special little ones with a limited-edition clothing line called The Lockdown Lovebaby Collection.
Heena Verma, Senior Marketing Manager of Brand Build & Innovation at Kraft Heinz Canada, said: “Having a baby 9 months to the day of the lockdown may make some parents blush— everyone knows what went down in March 2020. But it’s only ‘natural’. And obviously ‘homemade’. Two things we care deeply about at Heinz by Nature. So we couldn’t resist celebrating the lockdown’s most special, natural and homemade miracles with The Lockdown Lovebaby Collection.”
The swag includes onesies and bibs branded with quarantine quips such as, “My parents put more than just sourdough buns in the oven”, “While you were hoarding TP my parents were making me”, and “I was my parent’s quarantine craft project.” Allowing these little bundles of joy to proudly wear their COVID conception status.
While there has been a mix of boom and bust opinions from experts globally, if average Canadian birth rates follow the consistent trend over the last few years, December 18th will see an estimated 1,027 lockdown love babies entering the world. To mark this day as some of the first to be born of this new generation, The Heinz by Nature Lockdown Lovebaby Collection launches on December 18th and is free exclusively to any little one born on that day. New proud parents can claim their birth merch at heinzlockdownlovebaby.com while supplies last.
Though 2020 has been an exceptionally difficult year for us all, it has also showed us that life literally and figuratively goes on, and no matter what challenges we face, the sun will rise again in the morning and new lives will still enter the world.
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