Israeli Diplomat Attacked in Beijing Video

Warning: This video contains violence and disturbing footage. 

A diplomatic official serving at Israel’s embassy in China found themselves at the center of a shocking incident in Beijing when they were stabbed in a street attack. The Israeli foreign ministry has confirmed the incident and provided assurance that the victim is in stable condition and receiving medical attention in a local hospital.

This footage seems to depict a man being repeatedly stabbed in the shoulder and chest by another individual armed with a knife. The victim subsequently fell to the ground, and the assailant fled the scene, leaving behind what appeared to be bloodstains.

Witnesses present at the scene reported the incident to police officers, who claimed to be from the Xinyuanli police station. They described the attacker as a non-Chinese individual. The victim, who identified himself as an employee of the Israeli embassy, was promptly taken to a hospital in a police car.

Israeli Beijing Stabbing Video

The video was uploaded on a Telegram chat titled ‘Gaza Now’ and captioned with: “the moment a Chinese stabbed an Israeli diplomat in Beijing”. The video was liked over 195 times so far in the Telegram chat. They uploaded the full video in the chat and it can be seen below at the bottom of the page.

Israeli diplomat attacked in Beijing Video

The incident occurred outside a supermarket in the Chaoyang district, approximately 1.5 kilometers from the Israeli embassy, at around 2:20 PM local time. Witnesses recount hearing screams and then spotting a man in a plaid shirt, visibly injured and leaning against a car. Authorities arrived at the scene within minutes, with an ambulance following soon after. A passerby who could communicate in English helped facilitate communication between the victim and the police.

The responding officers conducted a thorough examination of the crime scene, collected photographic evidence, and approached nearby shops for CCTV footage before departing around an hour later. Later in the evening, multiple police cars were observed at the scene.

Another witness revealed that the commotion outside the supermarket drew the attention of shoppers, some of whom contacted the police. They described the attacker as a tall, thin man in a white top, armed with a knife, who left the scene heading west.

In response to the incident, the Israeli embassy released a statement, stating, “An Israeli employee at the Israeli embassy in Beijing was attacked today (not in the embassy area). The employee is being treated in the hospital, and his condition is stable. The background of the attack is being investigated.”

The United States Ambassador to China, Nicolas Burns, expressed his shock over the incident and conveyed his full support to the Israeli embassy and the Israeli community in China. He characterized the attack as an assault on an Israeli diplomat in Beijing.

In contrast, Hu Xijin, the former editor-in-chief of the Global Times, condemned the attack as an act of terrorism, emphasizing that such actions, regardless of motivation, are illegal within Chinese territory. He stressed the Chinese public’s strong opposition to terrorism and discouraged any illegal or radical behavior linked to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Hu Xijin urged people to await official information on the attacker’s identity and motivation, cautioning against hasty assumptions related to the ongoing Middle East conflict.

As the situation unfolds, a visible police presence has been noted outside both the Israeli and Palestinian embassies in Beijing. Chinese diplomats have expressed their commitment to working toward a ceasefire and have called for peaceful coexistence between the two conflicting parties, but these events have created a challenging diplomatic backdrop for all involved. Israel has expressed deep disappointment over China’s response to attacks by Hamas, further emphasizing the complexity of the situation.

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