A Colorado house in which a six-year-old beauty pageant was found dead in 1996 is now on the market. The house is priced at a staggering amount of almost $7 million despite its dark history.

History of JonBenet Ramsey’s House

The house was originally purchased by John and Patsy Ramsey in 1991. Five years later, the couple found their young daughter JonBenet dead in the basement. It was believed that the girl’s death was caused by strangulation but there was also evidence of the girl being struck by a blunt object. The only warning her parents had that something was not quite right was a ransom note demanding over a hundred thousand U.S. dollars for the girl’s return. Rumors circulated about the girl’s own family possibly being the killers, but the court cleared the family’s name in 2008, thus the identity of the real murderer remains unknown. JonBenet’s case is still one of the most haunting and internationally famous crime scene investigations of our time.

Two years after the murder, John and Patsy Ramsey sold the house to a group of investors for $650,000 and since then the house has changed hands. In 2004, the house was purchased by Tim Milner and Carol Schuller Milner.

On Wednesday, the house is listed on Zillow by a realtor and was described as “a stately and modern 1920s Tudor-style estate”. The listing, which features a picture of the house covered in snow, has been seen more than 26,000 times and saved more than 800 times, CBS News reported.

The house, located in Boulder, has a kitchen, a wine cellar, and a brick patio. The house is also surrounded by large trees and fencing. Nowhere in the listing did the house’s disturbing history get mentioned. Instead, the listing boasts that the house is within walking distance of shops and restaurants and has easy access to Denver.

A house in which a little girl was murdered

Image credit: Carol Schuller Milner

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