Why is Jordyn Woodruff trending? HOLR is breaking down why.

Jordyn Woodruff went viral for launching an OnlyFans account, and now, the creator is seemingly trending online again. HOLR is attempting to break down why.

Jordyn Woodruff Reddit

Jordyn Woodruff is a hot topic on Reddit recently, but users interested in seeing threads related to Woodruff on the platform must consent to being 18 + years or older.

Allegedly, Woodruff is trending on the platform because her OnlyFans content allegedly got leaked recently and users are talking about it.

jordyn woodruff

Image Credit: Jordyn Woodruff Instagram

Jordyn Woodruff Only Fans Content Leaked?

According to some Reddit platform threads, some users have claimed Woodruff’s OnlyFans content allegedly got leaked in a recent thread. Woodruff previously joined OnlyFans and went on Out and About to discuss starting OnlyFans back in August of last year. Woodruff and Kelly Keegs – who were on the show together- exposed how much money they made during their first week and more, as mentioned here.

Mean Girls Podcast

Alex Bennett and Woodruff are the hosts of Mean Girls podcast which is presented by Pink Whitney and Barstool Sports. Mean Girls‘ Instagram bio states that the show is “your besties in your ear” in which the hosts talk about everything from relationships to work to being friends with benefits.

Fans have speculated in the past that Mike Grinnell and Woodruff were allegedly dating, but Grinnell is actually dating Alanna Vizzoni, producer of the Mean Girls podcast.

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