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Who is the Dub Frost family, and why are people talking about her? The account Dub Frost Tik Tok is run by a woman named Whitney Frost. There is a lot of controversy surrounding the Frost family after Whitney allegedly used her followers for money. Learn more about the controversy from the Dub Frost Snark Reddit thread below.

Whitney was open with her followers about her struggles with having two kids born with Infantile Neuroaxonal Dystrophy (INAD). INAD is a rare genetic condition, and both of her biological children tested positive for it. Unfortunately, her son Harrison passed away from the condition in January 2022, and her daughter Riley died on July 22, 2023.

The controversy surrounding Whitney started after she was allegedly using funds raised for her kids to spend on herself instead. One user pointed out that, the mom of 3, donated her kids bodies to research and was paid to cover the costs of the funerals but then used her GoFundMe to raise additional funds for the funerals.

Dub Frost Snark Reddit

There were also other instances of her setting up a GoFundMe for different purposes like raising money for victims affected by the Mayfield, Kentucky tornados. The money was allegedly spent for her own personal use. When her followers questioned her about making money off Harrisons’ funeral through the GoFundMe account, she admitted she made more than needed and would use the leftover funds to prepay for her daughter’s funeral who was still alive at the time.

The Reddit thread Dub Frost Snark Reddit has created a timeline of all of the controversial events that led to Whitney being criticized online that can be found here.

Whitney Frost also set up a foundation called the Frost Family Foundation and asked people to support her non-profit. Then it turned out there was no non-profit set up yet and one follower called her out, “so you just scammed people out of money.” To which Whitney responded, “I sure did, I scammed everybody and I am giving them all back their money.”

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