After 20 years of being lead strategist in retail & real estate, Canadian entrepreneur and superstar fashion designer Emily Deveaux has cracked the fashion business code. Having created a one-of-a-kind, sustainable, functional, practical, unique brand – EMMYDEVEAUX. Working with FUNDIT & her recently launched Buyback program, Emily is able to avoid wasted inventory while providing stylish, timeless, TAILORED pieces that keep you looking like a 10 no matter what or how you wear it!

How does she do this? All companies want exactly what EMMYDEVEAUX offers; a no waste inventory, high demand, customer satisfaction, functionality, and sustainability while still benefitting. This fabulous Canadian designer manage to create high demand for her products and ensuring them to continue to be a No Inventory Waste Brand. Before we show our favourite pieces, we want to discuss the ways that Emily is able to remain true to her the EMMYDEVEAUX message and motive.


FUNDIT is basically what started this brand/program, eliminates the inventory risk, making it easy for Emily and customers to work together on what best next pieces would be. Basically, Emily designs pieces – asks customers to choose what should be made through internal crowd funding, making her brand non-waste by scaling product demand from the community before she makes them. The community/customers purchase items during a 10-15-day period, and after a certain number is sold, the piece is “funded” and goes into production. Not only does this ensure customer satisfaction as well and enforce sustainability through no wasted garments/accessories, but also helps EMMYDEVEAUX remain financially independent, rather than compromising brand morals and having to accommodate to what would be best for a loan.


BUYBACK Program:

The first retail brand in history to offer a program like Buyback. The program was launched in May 2020 to demonstrate further action and commitment to sustainability and community in fashion and as a brand. It keeps products cycling around, maybe if it’s not for one person, it’s exactly perfect for another! This program is designed to keep the brand and consumers more eco-fashion friendly. Learn more about submitting pieces!


We picked our favourite pieces from her site:

We absolutely love all the garments, looks, and brand values for EMMYDEVEAUX. The products are perfect for literally anything, lazy days at home, going on set, going to the office, a night out, you name it! Here is a list of our top products by EMMYDEVEAUX.

    1. Yes, a onesie! It’s double layered so it’s warm, it’s sleek and black. It’s super comfy and cute for anything you do! Whether you wear it out as just the onesie or dress it up with booties, a belt and nice jacket – this can give you a look for any occasion or mood.
    1. This stunning, unique shaped jacket gives us the sleek fit while flaring out from the waist (crazy how we can have both in one coat!) The added zipper create an edgy look that mixes great with classy, business, or basic cute looks.
    1. oh, it’s a wardrobe necessity. Even if we don’t think we need it, we kinda really need it. Lined with warm and fuzzy materials, these are some of the comfiest, and sexiest pant you will own, even for those who don’t normally like skin tight feelings on their legs, especially their upper thighs. They are made without waistband to prevent digging into our bodies. Just like the previously mentioned garments, these pleather leggings can be worn for anything, dressed up and down, ensuring the customer looks like a 10 no matter if they feel fab or sick, or how they style it. It looks fantastic with an old, oversized vintage sweater (such a cute look) or with a blouse, bootie heels, and a nice jacket. They will keep you warm, comfortably, edgy, and stylish.
    1. You can instantly know it’s Emmydeveaux with her signature triangle heel, keeping strength and balance so we can strut the streets throughout any of the four seasons. These sexy, flexible, “do-not-mess-with-me” boots are the perfect addition to any outfit, leggings, jeans, skirts etc. Creating an effortlessly chic, classy, composed, sexy look.
    1. Having a bad hair day? That’s okay, because we can still make your head look crazy cute and on point. These luxury faux leather hats will add style and edge to any look, just like the other garments. Whether we be in a lazy comfy day, or dressed to impressed, these luxury hats will make any hair day cute and sexy. 
    1. This classic style adds a sophisticated look for any outfit, occasion, and outing. Especially during this time where everyone often stays home, The Parker is perfect to throw over your comfy clothes and keep you looking sharp yet effortlessly stylish. This can be done with simple leggings, even pyjamas pants! Especially cute with the double layered onesie. The jacket that pulls every and any look together.

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