One of the Met Gala special appearances of the night was… a cockroach? See how this critter stole the show!

Celebrities weren’t the only ones to walk the iconic red carpet at this year’s, Met Gala. A cockroach made headlines after photographers videotaped and photographed the critter running along the famous Met Gala steps.

Check out this TikTok from user @thecut that shows the pandemonium that ensued after the cockroach- the so-called “final guest” to arrive- was seen running all over the Met Gala steps.


The final guest to walk the red carpet at the Met Gala, this cockroach, but he refused to tell us who he was wearing #metgala #tiktokfashion #nyc

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In the video, a photographer can be seen snapping pics of the cockroach as others cheer, scream “Get a photo,” and laugh. He even pretends to squash the critter at one point but it manages to escape and continue on its journey up the famous Met Gala steps.

met gala cockroach

Image Credit: @thecut TikTok

This will definitely go down in history as one of the funniest Met Gala moments of all time!

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