Don’t get mislead by the title. This podcast for a good cause, and the cause is that, it helps you sleep at night.

Sleep is a growing issue in many people, especially as you get older. This podcast on Spotify is by Kathryn Nicolai. Nicolai is a yoga and meditation teacher, who is an expert at helping you overcome your battles with sleep. This one is a must listen.

Now the question is, how exactly does she do this? She takes it back to the time when you were a child and someone close to you would tell you stories to help you fall asleep. Yes, she engages you with bedtime stories. These unique stories help you relax and ease your mind. Your racing brain at night doesn’t chase your racing thoughts anymore, as the tales take you to a calm and comfy place.

Listen here on Spotify to the slow and soothing narration that ease you at night.

Published by: HOLR Magazine.