I love make-up, don’t get me wrong. But when it comes to summer, I’m all about less is more. That’s why I prefer to stick to skincare and a couple key products to give myself a light, summer look. When I found out that my local spa, Caryl Baker Visage, carried a line of cosmetics – I was definitely intrigued and thought I should give their summer products a go.

Caryl Baker Visage face spa has been a staple in Canadian beauty for over 40 years. They specialize in anything from the neck up – whether it’s facials, piercings, waxes, or make-up – Caryl Baker Visage does it, and does it well. Not only do they provide services, but they also have various collections of make-up and skincare products, from BB creams and foundations, to lipsticks, liners and blush.

I was happy to try out a couple Caryl Baker Visage exclusives from their Island Heat Collection for summer. When it comes to a summer look, I think it’s best to avoid laying on heavy products and make your routine lighter and brighter. Summer makeup to me means a bright lip, sparkling highlight and bronzed skin! Which is why I decided to try out 2 lipsticks from the collection – Bellini, a sparkly peachy nude and Sunrise, a bright fuschia pink. I can’t attest to just how good the lipsticks smell. They are so sweet and delicious I just had to get them on my lips. The formula is very smooth, with shea butter and avocado oil, to give my lips the moisture AND colour I needed. The two shades I tried were very pigmented and applied easily.

Their highlighters are also amazing – especially at the price point! I tried Pearl and Prosecco. Pearl has a pink undertone whereas Prosecco is definitely more golden toned. The formulas of these highlights were so creamy and buildable – perfect for every day wear! I would highly recommend trying them out. You can even sample the products yourself at any Caryl Baker Visage location, as the offer complimentary make-up application and skin assessments whenever you like.

There are over 33 Caryl Baker Visage locations for you to pick up these products for yourself. I know I’m going to have to visit in store for an oxygen facial and lash lift- stat. Nothing makes make-up look better than glowing skin and wide eyes! Click the link here to learn more about Caryl Baker Visage and all that they offer. For more fashion and beauty content, find us on Instagram here @HOLRMagazine