Tensions are high once again as another black man is shot and killed by police, the community is outraged as they demand justice for the 20-year-olds untimely tragic death.

Protestors took to the streets of Brooklyn Center on Sunday by clashing with police officers to demonstrate their outrage in a violent manner, police retaliated with tear gas bombs after demonstrators jumped on police vehicles and destroying property and breaking into local businesses, leading to The National Guard being called out to impose a curfew, to subdue the angry demonstrators. 

Police shot Daunte Wright after a traffic stop, 10 miles northwest of downtown Minneapolis, where a murder trial is underway for Derek Chauvin, the former officer accused of killing George Floyd after kneeling on his neck for more than nine minutes before he died last year. Aubrey Wright identified his son’s body, saying his son was pulled over because an air freshener was allegedly blocking his rearview mirror, his son’s windows are tinted making it hard to view things on the outside. 

The incident happened just after 2 p.m. when Daunte was pulled over on a traffic violation and found the driver had an outstanding warrant. As police tried to arrest him, he got back into the car and an officer fired at him, Brooklyn Center Police Chief Tim Gannon said in a news release. It is known that Wright drove off after being pulled over, the officer discharged his firearm, striking Wright while the vehicle continued to travel for several blocks before crashing into another car – Wright died while still inside the vehicle. The victim’s mother, Katie Wright told The Star Tribune Daunte called her during the incident to confirm insurance information, and that she heard the commotion, following a voice yelling “Daunte, don’t run” before the line disconnected. Moments later, she said, her son’s girlfriend, who was in the car, called back and said he’d been shot.

Brooklyn Center Mayor Mike Elliott called the shooting “tragic” and urged both protesters and police to remain peaceful.