In order to be good citizens, it is important to be involved in good causes and supporting them. Depending on your location or interests, you may want to find a cause like a cancer awareness group, a nonprofit that supports minority groups, or something else. The possibilities are endless. One idea that is great to be involved with and get the whole family involved is National Child Day

What is National Child Day? 

National Child Day is celebrated on the 20th of November in Canada. It highlights the commitment Canada has to make sure children’s rights are protected. It also celebrates two important legislative events that help this cause. These events are the UN Declaration of the Rights of the Child, which was signed in 1959 and also the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, which was adopted in 1989. This holiday is celebrated in other countries as well and is known as the International Day of the Child on a global scale. 

Last year was the 30th anniversary of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, which makes right now a great time to reflect on what has been accomplished and future goals. The convention outlined the rights of a child and gave a route needed to raise a well-adjusted and happy child from birth into adulthood. 

Children First Canada

Children First Canada is an organization that partners with other organizations to help communities celebrate National Child Day across the country. Partnering with children’s charities, hospitals, research institutes, cooperations, teachers, and parents helps them to extend their reach and current information to help the cause. 

How Can I Get Involved?

There are many different ways to get involved in this cause as an individual or family, school, or organization. Since there are so many different ways, it is easy to find something that works well with your situation. 

One easy way is to buy and wear a National Child Day t-shirt. All profits go to supporting this great cause, and you can also help raise awareness in your community. The shirts come in all sizes, so the whole family can get involved. 

You can also help raise awareness by using the hashtag #8MillionReasons. Every tag helps to spread awareness and let people know about the 8 million reasons to put kids first. Using a filter to update profile pictures is also a great way to get involved in social media. 

You can also get your school involved in spreading awareness too. You can download a toolkit designed to help schools and youth organizations to use to display in hallways and other functions. 


All great causes need money to raise awareness and help promote their cause. Schools, communities, and workplaces can donate to or fundraise to raise money. Raising money can be accomplished in many different ways, and matching donations is a great way to raise even more money and encourage people to donate. All money donated goes to help ensure that children across the country have the support and their rights protected.