Who is Leslie Jones on SNL?

SNL Leslie Jones added author to her impressive list of credentials of tv personality, comedian and actress.

As of this month, Jones had released a memoire with a twist.

Instead of going into detail about how she survived her experiences, she chose to focus on the fact that she did.

And according to the book reviews, she held nothing back, even when it looked bad for her.

For example, Jones revealed a deep and scary insight to her life pre-fame.

“One day, when I was probably around five, I was walking through the trailer park…”

“And I saw a puppy just lying on the side of the road… for some reason I just started kicking this little puppy…”

So, Jones’ memoire allegedly doesn’t cloak her in victimhood or blame everyone but herself.

Simply just accepts responsibility for her actions.

snl leslie jones

Credit Image: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Even going so far as to explain where she had been in that moment and the way that her life could have gone.

“I tell you this because I know that this is a moment my life when the road split, and I could have gone one of two ways.”

What people say about SNL Leslie Jones new book.

First, congratulations to Leslie Jones on the book’s success.

And it’s in high demand because fans despite pre-ordering are being told the book sold out.

Meanwhile, those lucky enough to read it, have praised the book as “everything and more.”

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