Finding high-quality basics that are able to survive ever-changing fashion trends is much easier said than done. Offering high-quality luxury garments at an affordable price range is how Staple & Hue attracted Hollywood’s elite. 

Seen on everyone from Hailey Bieber to Sofia Richie to Kylie Jenner, it is without a doubt there is something particularly enticing about Staple & Hue. Founder Sera Bagnall developed the brand to create clothing that incorporated black streetwear culture elements along with her own personal taste. Bagnall wanted to make sure her clothing would become long-lasting staples that could easily be paired with any garment. 

In a step towards social change, Staple & Hue has recently joined the Black in Fashion Council. The Council was developed to raise awareness of the systemic racism that is embedded in the fashion industry. By recruiting brands, like Staple & Hue, the Black in Fashion Council strives to create a new and inclusive foundation that will help set a new standard in the industry. Bagnall believes she has a responsibility as a brand owner to ensure she is doing everything she can to break the norms that hold back the industry from being progressive, making the Black in Fashion Council an exciting step towards furthering the progress of diversity and inclusion in the industry. 

Original photo source: Photographed by: Sasha Samsonova

The diversity of the brand is seen in every aspect of Staple & Hue. A favourite among celebs of all kind, Staple & Hue can strive in a dynamic industry by creating timeless pieces that flatter all body shapes. One of the brand’s fan favourite garments is described as the “holy grail” and is known as the Ivy Cardi. Khloe Kardashian has worn the Ivy Cardi with leggings and an oversized puffer coat, giving a stylish on-the-run look. Hailey Bieber has paired the Ivy Cardi with classic blue jeans and a mini backpack, creating an effortlessly on-trend look. All of Staple & Hue’s garments can be styled for dressy or casual occasions, making all of their pieces an excellent investment.

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