The young singer is making an impact on fashion by providing the world with looks that mirror what goes on in a teenage girl’s mind. 

Olivia Rodrigo rose to success at a very young age and it all started with her Disney debut at the age of 12. Now, at the age of 19, the 3 grammy award-winning singer is in almost every top music and billboard chart. She is loved for her beautiful voice and relatable lyrics.

Her fashion expresses the eclectic and alternative teenager mind and this is not something that one can afford their way into, it is something that must be understood. This is why Rodrigo’s fashion is so unique, it speaks to those that immensely conceptualize their lives and those that live as the main character; those that feel and express everything deeply! Keep reading to see her cool-girl street style!

Prints for Days

Olivia Rodrigo Street Style paparazzi photo

Image Credit: Backgrid

Olivia Rodrigo is credited for her desirable aesthetic of the dysfunctional youth. She is able to mix patterns in such a way that the messiness of it is quite charming. Here, she is rocking chunky heeled knee-high boots with a green and orange print mesh top. She paired it with a mini skirt and a grey fur cheetah print bag. The two patterns clash in the chicest manner and it is this clash that is so effective. Girls and women everywhere are now practicing productive and purposeful pattern mixing as an addition to their fashion and style.

Grunge Chic

Olivia Rodrigo photographed in NYC

Image Credit: The Mega Agency

Being in New York City is a fashion opportunity in itself and Rodrigo really showed out for this one! She wore a sheer chainmail dress that turned heads all night. With this, a tall platform heel, a smokey eye and a choker added to the edgy and alternative aesthetic that Rodrigo loves so much! The power is held in the smokey eye; the makeup look that seems as though you have been out all night even if you just arrived at the function. It brings together a smouldering yet mysterious touch to any look!

Less is More

Olivia Rodrigo photographed out wearing corduroy pants

Image Credit: SplashNews.com, photo by WavyPeter

Rodrigo is seen wearing burgundy corduroy jeans with an attached retro-style belt! Her fitted muscle tank and Dr. Martens boots matched perfectly! Her casual looks prove to her fans that being fashionable should be something ordinary for youth as it is the best way to express yourself!

’90s is the Moment

Olivia Rodrigo's 90s inspired outfit

Image Credit: Getty Images photographed by Robert Kamau

This ’90s inspired look is our favourite! We love the ’90s figure print vest, this print has been one of the most trending patterns in 2022. Underneath, a simple white tee adds the perfect dimension. Nothing is chicer than an oversized sweater with a mini skirt and Olivia Rogrido delivered just that! Her plaid printed blue and purple mini skirt complimented the sweater vest entirely. Rodrigo proves to be the queen of mixing patterns yet again! She paired the look with black loafers and green-lensed oval sunglasses.  

We are obsessed with every one of Olivia Rodrigo’s looks, they communicate personality, spirit and youth which is far more valuable than the material and luxury outfits that other celebs flaunt. What is it about Olivia Rodrigo’s fashion that is so relatable to you?

Published by HOLR Magazine.