Any outfit can be transformed with the touch of jewelry.There’s something about it that brings a unique sense of style to the simplest of looks. It’s that finishing touch that elevates a whole ensemble.

cover photo via Mejuri 

Sometimes the price of a single piece of jewelry can cost more than an entire wardrobe. I am all for investing in quality, but on the other hand I love finding affordable deals. Being the jewelry fanatic that I am, I’ve successfully stumbled upon brands that sell sustainable pieces for reasonable prices. High-quality without breaking the bank? Sign me up.

It’s all about finding that perfect balance between cost and quality. I mean, who wouldn’t want to look a million bucks for less than $100? Premium materials such as 10-14k gold, gold-fill, gold-plating, and sterling silver can be found for pretty sensible prices. Here’s a list of reputable brands that sell affordable, trendy, and luxurious-looking jewelry to add to your collection. 


Mejuri (

Real gold, real diamonds, and real luxury. Mejuri specializes in dainty luxurious pieces that are usually no higher than $500. Their mission is to inspire women to forget special occasions and start buying jewelry for themselves at an accessible price. 

Gorjana (

Gorjana jewelry can be found in department stores like Saks and Nordstrom, as well as online on their website. This company stands for “jewelry with intention,” designed with longevity in mind. They carry timeless, feminine pieces and are also known for their power gemstone collection.


Baublebar (

Baublebar has always had fun jewelry to play with. As of recently, they have added a rationally priced fine jewelry section. You can purchase real gold pieces for less than $500. Their entire site ranges in pricing, so there is definitely something for everyone. 


Crew (

If you’re looking for jewelry with a pop of colour, J. Crew is the place to shop. Fun and inexpensive, you can expect to find good quality jewelry online and in stores. Next time you stop in to shop, don’t forget to browse through their jewelry section!


Leah Alexandra (

On the hunt for some unique designs? Leah Alexandra creates versatile, timeless pieces with beautiful, unique materials. This brand is centralized around individuality and everlasting beauty. You can find gold-plated and sterling silver pieces, as well as fine jewelry on her website. 

Adornmonde (

Focusing on fashion jewelry, Adornmonde is an affordable alternative to mainstream fashion jewelry brands. They create trendy designs with good quality materials that you can wear every day! From rainbow gems, to pave, to pearls… You can find any fashionable style you’re looking for.


The M Jewelers (

This New York based jeweler allows customers to have involvement in their jewelry, specializing in personalized pieces. These handmade pieces vary in price, with the option of gold-filled and gold-plated jewelry, as well as solid gold and diamonds.


To keep your jewelry in pristine condition, remember to store it properly—invest in a jewelry box. Occasionally give your pieces some TLC and clean them thoroughly. Don’t wear gold-plated pieces in the shower or pool — leave that for the solid gold. Be careful when using soaps, hand creams, and fragrances, as they have the potential to damage your hard-earned jewels. Last but not least, treat your pieces with love and wear them with confidence.

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