Trevor Noah left ‘The Daily Show’ three months ago but is far from being done with comedy! He is working with Amazon to launch a remake of a South African comedy show, ‘Last One Laughing’. We break down the details of his latest TV venture below.

What is ‘Last One Laughing’ About?

LOL or ‘Last One Laughing’ is a thirty-minute comedy show whose premise is to see South African comedians being pitted against each other for a prize of a million Rand or around 55 thousand US dollars. The entertainers are expected to keep a straight face while trying to tell a joke and make their opponents laugh. As reported by Deadline, the winner gets to donate their hard-won money to a charity of their choice.

This comedy series has six parts, and Trevor Noah is delighted to connect with his “home audience”. In case you didn’t already know, he moved to the US in 2011 to pursue his career in comedy, but he is native to Johannesburg.

Trevor Noah live

Image credit: Reuters/Eduardo Munoz

Why is the show important to Trevor Noah?

LOL will be released in early 2024 and will be available through Prime Video.

Trevor Noah said he is excited “for the opportunity to be working alongside fellow home-grown comedy stars on a show that not only entertains but gives back to the South African production and charity communities.”

Ned Mitchell, Head of Middle East and South African Originals at Amazon, has told Variety that “comedy, in all of its form, shines among South Africa’s greatest treasure.” He also commented that “Trevor  [Noah] and Prime Video are demonstrating the depth of our shared ambition to invest and elevate the very best of South Africa for audiences locally and around the world.”

Trevor Noah laughing

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