The gaming world is constantly evolving, with certain game types going in and out of fashion like the changing seasons. However, there are some genres that have always stood the test of time. They have managed to weather the storms and stay at the top seat of the gaming table.

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The best gaming genres in the history of the industry have adapted seamlessly to developments that have occurred over the decade. These categories attracted players back in the 1980s, and they’ll most likely continue to appeal into the 2040s – regardless of what technology is ruling the roost at that point.

Survival Games

You’ve probably played a survival game before without even knowing the name of the genre. That’s how expansive they are, and they cover a multitude of subgenres. Many of the best titles have diverse and immersive worlds, which force players to scavenge for resources and battle against enemies. The popularity of these titles has recently skyrocketed thanks to some truly impressive entries to the genre. In survival games online, there’s usually a sense of danger and dread, along with an emphasis on character resources.

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Minecraft is the greatest and most famous entry to the genre. The iconic title from Mojang Studios set the tone for the modern version of survival games, and this is reflected in its sales. Indeed, it’s the best-selling video game ever. It gives the player a vast amount of control over their gaming experience and inspired various other similar titles. There are also survival-themed spinoffs of popular games, with Metal Gear Survive a prime example of a series that tried to capitalize on the overwhelming popularity of the genre.

Horror Games

Horror games have been around since the dawn of the industry, with many of the biggest offerings in the genre regarded as ground-breaking titles for the whole of the industry. For instance, Resident Evil in 1996 and Silent Hill in 1999 were hugely important titles that helped to solidify horror’s status as a mainstream gaming category.

Games have the ability to immerse players in the setting so much more than a film can, and some of the best titles over the years have been truly terrifying. The Resident Evil franchise is one of the biggest in gaming, and there have been 29 games to date. It’s so popular that a lot of the originals are now being remade for modern devices. Other unique and exciting horror games include Outlast in 2013, and Amnesia: The Dark Descent in 2010.

Casual and Cozy Gaming

The gaming world has always been designed to appeal to a vast range of people. Some players want to get completely lost and immersed in open-world titles and play them for hours. Others want to pick up a game, play for a few minutes, and then put it down again.

The smartphone market did wonders for casual and cozy gaming. This became one of the most common ways of playing on portable devices, with titles like Candy Crush and Angry Birds helping the genre to boom. Now, there are numerous titles for players to choose from that were clearly inspired by these landmark offerings.

There are plenty of other gaming genres in the entertainment industry that are hugely popular, but these three have to be up there with the most enduring ones of all time. It’s highly likely that people will still be playing these games in another 30 years.

Published by Holr Magazine.