Casino gaming is something that is popular on a global scale and it certainly is around North America. Before recent moves to open up the casino sector more widely in the region, this popularity was generally focused in top land-based casinos in the US and Canada. 

Today, the modern casino industry in these countries looks very different today. This is predominantly down to the changing attitudes towards the sector from those in power and also, the rise of online casino play. More and more states in the US, for example, have legislated for iGaming and this has seen a raft of online casino platforms hit the market there. 

Canada has also followed suit, and this has seen certain provinces begin to take a more open approach to regulated iGaming. In addition, many Canadians also play at the best offshore platforms, which are not covered by the country’s gambling laws. 

One of the biggest reasons for the rise of iGaming across North America has been the ability of these platforms to create an exciting and authentic casino atmosphere for players. But just how do they go about this? 

Range of glamorous games 

If you live in Canada and play online roulette at, you will instantly see not only what a great iGaming site it is but also how games like this help to create a great atmosphere for gamblers. The same is also true for people around the US, who get the exotic casino atmosphere they expect from the thrilling games that Internet casinos carry. 

Of course, this is not just confined to rouletteclassics such as baccarat, blackjack, and poker, which most online casinos carry, also have their own refined charm that sets the perfect tone. By including games that you can find in high-end real-life casinos, and that people deem to be glamorous, online casinos can conjure up the desired atmosphere. 

It is also worth mentioning live casino games here. These allow Internet gambling sites to deliver that exotic gambling vibe through live dealers and real-life studio gaming sets. Games like this really do help bring that true casino feel into your home and create the perfect atmosphere. 

Designs and themes 

Fans of iGaming in North America will know how important the overall look and design of an Internet casino is to the atmosphere it has. In short, platforms that use Vegas-based themes or designs that scream class will have a far easier time of setting the right tone. This can often come down to the fonts, colours, and hi-res, glossy images used on-screenas well as the overall theme of the casino. 

In contrast, sites with designs or themes that veer too far from what the public wants a luxurious casino to contain will struggle. As with the games that online casinos carry and the impact this has on the whole experience, this comes down to expectations. People expect a casino to look a certain way and include a certain style or certain imagery. By giving this to gamblers online, iGaming platforms are able to create an authentic atmosphere. 

VIP programs 

VIP programs might be a less obvious way that online casinos can create that authentic atmosphere, but they are undeniably important. These schemes basically give regular players cool extras in recognition of their continued loyalty. The perks that players receive under VIP schemes will usually get better as they play more, and they can sometimes be quite valuable. 

But how is this crucial when it comes to Internet casinos creating the kind of atmospheres that land-based gambling palaces have? It really comes down to making players feel special and valued. 

While in-person casinos can do this through human interaction, online gambling sites have to find another way. VIP programs are the best way to go about it and will give people that special, intimate feel that going to their favourite land-based casino delivers. 

Creating the perfect online casino atmosphere 

Setting the right tone is something that can make things have a much more enjoyable impact across many areas of life. Picking a playlist filled with party music for summer days, or a chilled playlist for more wintry days, for example, will really affect how much you get from listening to it. By the same token, online casinos have, understandably, realized that recreating that authentic land-based casino vibe is key to giving customers the best experience. 

Without this ability to craft the right feel, it is unlikely that iGaming would have taken off in the way it has across North America. As the sector evolves and finds more ways to generate the glamorous feel people demand, it will be interesting to see where it takes us.  

Published by HOLR Magazine.