Discovered at sixteen, while shopping at the mall with friends, Model Amber Zhaoyang Wang has always maintained a grounded perspective about being in the industry.

Amber has been featured in more than 40 magazines, ranging from Bazaar, Glamour, Vanity Teen, GQ , NYFW model for GHHAUS as well as Vogue China, L’Offical China and China Fashion Cosmopolitan.

A model and an advocate for mental health, she is not afraid to speak candidly about what’s important to her. We spoke with her about the modelling world and why it’s so important to offer international students support for mental health.

Amber Wang

When did you get started in the modelling industry?

I was 16 years old when I was approached at a mall. At the time I was still too young but I slowly got into the industry and entered the Elite World Model contest where I placed. I decided to stay in school while pursuing my career but I think you can do both.

What advice would you have for young women and men who want to become models?

I encourage them not to give up on their education to pursue modelling. Finish it first or do both at the same time. You can learn a lot of things in college so I think having the balance is important.

On the topic of education, you were an international student and have been candid about the mental health struggles that came with that. What helped you to cope and overcome them when in school?

When I was a student at Penn State, the school really helped me to cope with my mental health struggles. As an International Student, I didn’t know who could help me so I asked my advisors and they referred me to the mental wellness program at the school. The program allows you to talk with someone and to learn how to cope with your struggles. A lot of International Students don’t know that such programs exist so I think it is important for me to share my experience so that they know where to go and how to get help.

Is there something else that you’d like to pursue outside of modelling?

I also create art and I think I will likely launch an NFT next year. I’m also interested in starting my own fashion line with clothing and bags. I’m really passionate about it.

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