Barbie Main Trailer: It has just arrived! The movie’s plot is no longer a secret as the official ‘Barbie’ Movie full trailer is now available.


Greta Gerwig’s ‘Barbie’ Movie is now closer to the audience as the main trailer has been released. 

While watching the trailer, the audience has the chance to briefly enter Barbie’s pink, ideal world from which she and Ken escape. They leave Barbieland to enter the real world, where people freak out to see and meet them. Even though the movie’s plot has not been fully revealed yet, the trailer gives a glimpse into the adventure Barbie and Ken experience outside their plastic world. 

In a 2022 interview, Margot Robbie talked about how the movie crew managed to shoot the film in L.A. and keep the plot secret simultaneously. 

“I knew that we had some exteriors to shoot in L.A. I knew once you were doing exteriors, you’re gonna get papped. There’s probably going to be a little crowd of people who are going to take notice because, you know, we stand out a little bit in those outfits. So I knew there was going to be a little bit of attention, and probably some photos would get out there, but not like it did,” she said.

Watch the trailer, here!

‘Barbie’ Movie Soundtrack Vinyl


The movie’s soundtrack features several famous artists’ names, such as Lizzo, Charli XCX, Nicki Minaj, FIFTY FIFTY, and many more, Billboard notes.

Another surprise the movie’s producers brought is the vinyl version of Barbie The Album. According to this source, the vinyls are available for pre-order.

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