The Weather Network says they anticipate a temperamental winter is approaching Canada. 

winter forecast

Photo Credit: Global News

With the recent floods, record warmth, and blizzards across Canada, extreme weather is becoming the norm.

Weather Network meteorologist Doug Gillham says the extreme weather events from this fall could be a “preview of what is to come this winter”. 

La Nina

Photo Credit: National Oceanic and
Atmospheric Administration

Weather Network chief meteorologist Chris Scott points out a climate pattern known as La Niña in occurring in the Pacific Ocean. A La Niña is a periodic cooling of the ocean surface due to heavy equatorial winds.

The colder water temperatures in the Pacific Ocean can lead to drastic shifts across southern Canada. He predicts the winter season will feel like “weather whiplash”, fluctuating between seasonal highs and lows.

Fluctuating temperature and precipitation could lead to heavy rain, snow and ice. 

“A La Niña weather pattern in the Pacific Ocean will support an active storm track across southern Canada, leading to above-normal precipitation and snowfall for southern parts of B.C., Alberta, Ontario and Quebec. However, stretches of mild weather will seemingly wipe away winter at times, especially from southern Ontario to Newfoundland.”

According to Scott, Canada could see major storms but is expected to have a more mild season with below-average temperatures. 


Photo Credit: Toronto Star

Scott referenced the extreme weather events that have caused infrastructure loss, evacuations and deaths. He says, “the odds of coming up with a heavy rainfall event or a heatwave are higher than they would have been 50 years ago,”