From virtual meetings to meetings in the office, our sense of style has changed, and become lazier. Many people have become accustomed to a more comfortable at homework attire and aren’t ready to let go or go back to putting in the effort. 

This pandemic has created an experience that the whole world was adjusting to altogether. Being locked down in our homes with either a full house or by ourselves, we have learned how to do things that only half the world knew how to do, video chat. 

Working from home is something we all wished we could do, except for the fact that we actually had to work. Many people including GenX had to learn how to video chat, and while they did, they realized their only difference was that they were on camera rather than in person. While millennials and GenZ were already accustomed to the idea of technology being a part of their everyday life, their only difference was finding ways to make it easier. 

GenZ found a way to not only enjoy this work at home lifestyle but how to make it easier; making it casual Friday, every day. At the beginning of the lockdown, GenZ started posting on social media that they figured out the mullet equivalent to video chat. Business on the top, loungewear on the bottom. It was seen all around that many people would wear their suits, or blouses, but hidden beneath their desks, either underwear or pajamas. 

This newfound comfort created a series of steps that have created a decline in the fashion world. Many people started off by virtually looking as formal as possible, but as the lockdown exceeded months, the rules of work attire disappeared. Many virtual meetings started looking like casual video calls, with many people showing up in track pants and t-shirts, not wearing makeup, and/or having bed head. 

This pandemic has created a loss in the fashion world, allowing everyone to become lazier and to realise that dressing casual is okay. As some people started to slowly go back into work, their casual attire came with them. Many people can agree that during this time, wearing more jeans and t-shirts allows for a more sanitary work environment. Having a more wash and wear look, makes it easier than wearing suits and dresses that need to be dry cleaned once a week. 

Hopefully, when this whole pandemic blows over, our sense of fashion comes back, allowing for more formal work environments to regain their sense of style. If not full-blown formal, maybe a sense of style that meets the formal yet comfortable look in the middle.