PetSafe® Canada has gathered some heart-warming stories from its customers and fans on how their pets are showing their love and support during these uncertain times. We hope these positive pet stories help raise your spirits too! 

Smudge and Boo Boo: A Source of Unconditional Love and Support 

I get up each day feeling a cloud of uncertainty but one thing that helps in this mentally challenging time is their consistent and constant unconditional love and affection. So every day I keep their routine going because they keep going through these difficult moments in life. I’m one of the lucky ones. Thank you Smudge & Boo Boo.” 

Asta, Toronto 

A Blessing in Disguise

Earlier this year, I lost my best canine pal suddenly and unexpectedly. Though Ive always adopted dogs in their retirement years and suffered this scenario a handful of times before, this was notably tougher than I could have ever expected. I negotiated with myself daily, but decided definitively that I would give myself a year before considering another adoption. Three weeks later, I saw Bert for the first time on Instagram. Four weeks later, I was on the phone with Redemption Paws who shared Bert’s story of months in foster care without any applications. He was stubborn, sassy, and wise beyond his years; he was perfect. Bert came home three weeks ago and the timing couldn’t have been more serendipitous. Bert has been the best thing that could have happened to me, and Id like to think he feels the same, despite his personal limit of three minute maximum for cuddles,” 

Sascha, Toronto 

QTip the Cat: An Antidote for Anxiety

Before the social distancing advisory was announced, I would reluctantly leave home to go to work, feeling guilty that QTip, my orange fur baby with separation anxiety, would be spending the next 8 hours by himself. As I walked to work I always imagined in a perfect world, my perfect job would allow me to work from home with QTip on my lap. With everyday, and the outside world being so uncertain, I do not take for granted that my fortress of solitude remains my dependable constant. He definitely knows, he can sense it. On anxious days, he will sit on my chest and his weight keeps me grounded, on sleepless nights his purrs beside my head lull me to sleep, he is always there for a cuddle break, a listening ear, a good laugh, a loving nuzzle.” 

Paulina, Toronto 

Briar the Stress Reliever

Having a dog at this time means the world to us for so many reasons. They help relieve stress, helps us stay active and during tough times, helps us focus on happier things in life.” 

Ella (13) and Alexander (12), Orangeville 

Helping with Sticking to a Daily Routine

Thank goodness for my cat Calypso. It has been six months since I’ve adopted her. During that time I have deciphered most of her meows/sounds, truth is she schooled me. She has given me a schedule that keeps me active. She watches while I workout, lets me know when it’s time to wake up, and of course not be on the couch or in my bed. At the end of the day rewards me with a lengthy cuddle session while we streama movie or two.” 

Carlos, Toronto