As numbers have been going up, and restaurants and gyms have been opening, the Ford government has officially announced that on Saturday at 12am, the entire province of Ontario will be going into the grey-zone for a 4 week “emergency break.”

This new term is something we haven’t heard yet. We have been through a “stay at home order” but this emergency break is a lockdown quite different than the last. This new order coming from the Ford government is to close in-person dinning, gyms, and salons.

“Friends, right now we’re into a third wave of COVID-19. The variants of concern are spreading rapidly,” said Premier Doug Ford. Just in time for the Easter weekend and as many people were probably thinking of getting together Ford states that indoor gatherings are prohibited and outdoor gatherings are limited to 5. He also made it clear that Golf is still allowed to take place, but not as a team.

As this is still a province wide lockdown essential businesses are still in order like food for takeout, and pharmacy’s for medication. With the rollout of vaccinations, you would think numbers and spread would be limited as the province opens up again.

Buffalo News

“As we continue to vaccinate more Ontarians, the end is in sight, but right now these necessary measures will help to stop the spread of variants in our communities, protect capacity in our health care system, and save lives.”

We hope that the ends to this back and fourth game of lockdown chicken will end soon, and hopefully people and businesses can resume life pre-pandemic.