Frankly, Halloween is the perfect time to go overboard with make-up and costumes. I mean, can you think of any holiday that allows us to go nuts on fake blood and glitter?? I didn’t think so. Below I listed some make-up looks you can easily recreate this Halloween. 

Halloween Makeup Looks

The Witchy Goth Look

Inspired by your favourite movie goth girls like Lydia Deetz, Nancy Downs, and Marla Singer, the witchy goth look is achieved by smudging black eyeliner on the top and bottom lash line. Don’t worry if it gets a little messy because quite frankly, the more you look gaunt and unhinged, the better. Finish it off with a dark plum lip of your choice or settle for a completely pale look. Again, the more you look gaunt, the better. 

Halloween Makeup Looks

Photo Credit: Silphatristis via Unsplash

The Killer Clown Look

Pennywise, the killer clown, is easily the most distinguished creepy clown there is. As someone who is horrifyingly iconic as he is, his make-up is not that hard to achieve. If you want to create a realistic Pennywise make-up look, then I suggest investing in white face paint. But if you want to make it lowkey scary and alluring, then do your normal eye make-up and add Pennywise’s distinct red smile lines that go from the corner of the lips up to the forehead. Don’t forget the red nose and you’re off to scare the little Georgie’s of the world. 

Another psychopathic killer clown to emulate this Halloween is the Joker. Fortunately, we have been privileged to see three iterations of The Joker in the last twenty years. You can go for The Dark Knight’s Joker which is messier and more forgiving to party sweat, or Suicide Squad’s Joker which is relatively cleaner and more like your modern-day SoundCloud rapper (yes, face tattoos included), or perhaps you would rather go for the 2019 film’s version which is more clown-like compared to the other two. It doesn’t matter which version of Joker you choose as long as you have green hair dye on hand. 

Halloween Makeup Looks

Photo Credit: Camila Quintero Franco via Unsplash

Those High School Kids From Euphoria Look

By now, I’m sure you’re aware of the 2019 teen drama called Euphoria. And I’m sure you’re equally aware of the make-up looks exhibited in the show. There are plenty of looks to choose from, but basically, you would want to use some glitter, rhinestones, graphic liners, and a vibrant eyeshadow palette. Go crazy. It’s okay. When in doubt, just follow Maddy Perez’s footsteps

Halloween Makeup Looks

Photo Credit: Dimension Films

Bonus: The Final Girl Look

If all else fails, just use fake blood. The final girl is your quintessential scream queen who survives the monster/killer/villain at the end of the movie. For inspiration, think of Sidney Prescott, Laurie Strode, Grace Le Domas, Sarah Carter, and Dana Polk. Spray yourself with a little bit of fake blood and look as traumatized as you can, and you’re all set! 

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