Why is Manipur video trending online on Twitter? HOLR breaks it down.

What happened in Manipur?

According to ANI, The Indian government asked Twitter – as well as other social media platforms- to remove a distressing and graphic video showing two women in India’s northeastern state of Manipur being paraded naked by a group of men, as mentioned here.

Manipur Incident 2023

The alleged incident occurring in the video has sparked outrage globally online as the clip went viral on social media. As noted in the article there is an ongoing investigation into the incident in which the Indian government has reached out to social media platforms, including Twitter, to adhere to Indian laws as they investigate the actions being shown in the clip. According to this article, the video being shared online “could lead to problems in law and order” stated the government.

Manipur Video

The video being circulated online is very disturbing and allegedly features two women being paraded naked by a group of men in which the women are then supposedly molested by a mob and later dragged to a field, as noted here. According to this article, the incident allegedly occurred on May 4. An alleged police complaint claimed that the women were “part of a family attacked by a mob that killed its two male members” and alleges rape and murder by “unknown miscreants,” as noted here.

India Video Outrage

As mentioned here, Prime Minister Narendra Modi came out to address the assaults of the two women featured in the viral clip stating, “The guilty will not be spared. What has happened to the daughters of Manipur can never be forgiven.”

Manipur’s Chief Minister Biren Singh stated the below in regard to the ongoing case:

“A thorough investigation is currently underway and we will ensure strict action is taken against all the perpetrators, including considering the possibility of capital punishment. Let it be known, there is absolutely no place for such heinous acts in our society.”

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