The Ohio train derailment is top-trending news. HOLR is breaking down the disaster, what it means, and why Reddit users are worried.

People in Ohio and surrounding areas are becoming increasingly worried about a recent train derailment that released highly toxic chemicals into the air, water, and ground on February 3rd. This derailment also caused a huge fire and caused residents to be displaced, as well as experience health issues (according to this article).

Ohio Train Derailment

What happened when the train derailed? Apparently- as mentioned in this article- the incident occurred in East Palestine, Ohio, which is close to the Pennsylvania border. There were reportedly 50 cars involved in the derailment, crash, and subsequent ire and 11 of those cars were carrying hazardous materials which ultimately escaped and burned during the fire.

As a result, contamination and explosion were a risk and firefighters took days to put out the blaze. Approximately 1,500 residents were also told to evacuate.

Due to the severity of the incident, there have been reports of humans falling sick and animals dropping dead in which people are asking President Biden to do more.

Ohio Chemical Cloud Reddit

As a result of the controlled blaze designed to drain the chemicals, a thick black cloud of smoke can now be seen over the area as mentioned here. Neighboring areas are worried about the impact of the train derailment as it poses a health issue for humans and animals, in addition to land, air quality, and water.

This Reddit thread talks about how the situation is developing and asks users the question, “What’s going on with the Ohio explosions.”

“I’m in Pittsburgh and this is scaring the shit out of me. We’re close but I’m grateful we’re upstream of east Palestine on the Ohio. For people who don’t realize, the Ohio River flows into the Mississippi. I’m no water scientist, but that seems bad,” said one user.

Another user questioned why people didn’t realize the alleged threat of contamination.

“Answer: What’s not global news is the fact that the Ohio River has been contaminated. The Ohio River, that is the main water supply for over 5 MILLION Americans, and people are acting like it’s being taken care of. Reporters are being suppressed and arrested trying to cover this. It’s actually really scary stuff,” commented another user.

Reddit users are also talking about the repercussions of the incident in recent discussion threads such as this one.

“I’m actually about 40 minutes away from where this happened. A train derailed and released a bunch of toxic chemicals, even 40 minutes away we could smell it in the air,” said one user.

One user alleges the below health impact.

“Everything in the affected area is dying and its raining hydrochloric acid. A friend of mine operated an animal rescue in that area and all his animals had to be left behind except about five which he was able to get in a car when the derailment happened. Cops are attacking and arresting anyone who tries to go into the area, and didn’t tell anyone it was a mandatory five day evacuation; every pet and farm animal left in the area is going to die,” stated another.
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