Self Care September – You can’t pour from an empty cup, take care of yourself first! It’s time to take some “YOU time”, slow down, and do something you love to replenish your energy. Recharge your spirit, and make yourself feel even more badass than you already are. Reload your zest and vitality.


It’s not selfish to take a moment, or a day to care for yourself and make this a part of your weekly or monthly routine.  It’s essential for a happy, fulfilled life — but why do we feel guilty for taking time to give some love to ourselves? We have put so much on our plates with so many others needs ahead of our own, that we ourselves don’t take priority as often as we should.  

There are many forms of self-care and it looks different to everyone. Whether it’s going to a spa for a message, staying in and having a bubble bath, going to dinner with your boo, taking a nature hike, getting a manicure, or simply doing nothing at all. Shifting your focus from being in service to everyone and everything, other than yourself, is the most amazing way to rejuvenate your spirit. 

Self-care doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, it can be totally free. Find what brings you inner peace, joy, a sense of calm, and a release of stress.

We all have different forms of what we consider to be self-care, so HOLR’s team of creatives wanted to share theirs with you. The biggest take away from this is, is that there are no right or wrong ways —  as long as it makes you feel some true happiness, because we all need to start doing more of the things that make us happy.


Ksenia Edwards, Editor In Chief

Sundays are sacred for me — in that I always block off at least a few hours to unwind and indulge in what makes me feel good. It typically involves me doing a sheet mask, going for a foot massage in Chinatown, going for brunch, sleeping in, reading etc. 


Neil Shelton, Publisher 

My self care moments come from being with my family. Spending quality time with Solange and our kids is my favourite time of the day. Guiding them to becoming who they want to be, and watching them grow into the persons they are is a true blessing and absolute joy.


Tash Tobias, Head of Partnerships

I like reading and/or taking a walk outside!


Karla Gillis, Health & Lifestyle Editor

Sunday Funday – My one day a week where I unplug, Literally!! I face-time with my family, and then SHUT OFF my phone for the rest of the day/night. It’s also my cheat day where I indulge in all my faves. I start with making myself a delicious loaded breakfast, then head out to all my favourite bakeries to gather all my treats for the day; cupcakes, cookies, chocolate, pizza or whatever I’m in the mood for. I go for a drive, listen to some music and do some thinking. Then home to completely chill out; have a nice candle lit bath, put on some chill music while applying my hair treatment, and a face masque. I finish the day on the couch in my cozies with my snacks and a great movie or Netflix. 

Josh Davies, Creative Director

Cooking. It’s my favourite creative outlet with no stress and/or deadlines.


Ivana Chavez,  Digital Editor

My idea of self-care is pretty simple but effective — for me personally. A simple bath with some scented candles and bath bombs. I love relaxing and setting a mood where I don’t have to worry about anything. 


Alexandra Aulicino, Fashion Editor

I like to have a night in, where I light a candle and sit with my dogs watching movies or listening to music while I drink a glass of my favourite wine! 


Caroline Hicks, Creative Producer

For my self-care sometimes it’s as simple as admitting when I’ve taken on more than I can handle and expressing to someone that I need their support. It’s taken me a long time to realize that you don’t always have to do everything on your own.


Phil Falcone, Strategy and Marketing Director

Relaxing with my favourite products; Nu Hope Lemon Balm Therapeutic Healing Cream, and Nu Hope Hemp Oil.


Samantha Silver, Beauty Editor

My skincare routine! I take the time to do a fast mask at least twice a week, light a candle and watch some of my favourite shows.
It’s my “me time”, that makes me feel calm —  like I’m washing my worries away.


Athul Domichen, Copywriter

My self-care primarily includes long walks. If I feel particularly stressful or anxious, a 5-6 km walk always works wonders and my favourite place to do that is Prospect cemetery, stretched between Eglinton and St. Clair. It’s so peaceful. I don’t listen to music meanwhile so as to hear everything around me (birds, bees, squirrels, wind on trees, ambient noise of vehicles far away). I also think junk food is a solace to me. There’s nothing a nice hot bowl of poutine or a good plate of shawarma can’t solve.


Natasha D’Costa, Art Director

I usually like to unwind by snuggling into a blanket with a book. I am currently reading The Testaments by Margaret Atwood.


Lucas Pavan, Photographer

Chatting with my therapist (psychologist) to help with my mental growth and understanding how to sharpen, and own who I am as an individual to be the best version of my self.  


Deblina Das, PR Coordinator

Once a week, usually every Friday; I make it a point to do my self-care. First I take a great shower, you can call me a “LUSH fanatic”, I adore bathing with their bath bombs. Then I like to use a face mask/deep cleanse/moisturizing routine with my go-to beauty products. I love candles so I make sure I light one up to set a relaxing mood, then sit down to read a book or just be calm and rejuvenate.


Megan Mendonca, Project Coordinator

I like to read books that I actually want to read, instead of books assigned for school. 


Mix, match, do all of them, or just find your favourite. When done regularly, these small actions can add up to big changes in your mood. Not all treats have to break the bank, and this list proves it!

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