Why is Jenna Ortega not in ScreamVII?- has no relation to Melissa Barrera‘s quit, but she is busy filming for season 2 of Netflix’s Wednesday series.

It has been revealed that Jenna Ortega stepped away from part of the next Scream VII cast. One of the most prominent young Hollywood icons, 21, in the past decade, would no longer return to the film. Surprisingly, this was just after Melissa Barrera,33, was fired due to the Pro-Palestinea post; she posted a series of posts on social media about the Israel-Hamas war.

Losing these two vital characters, the prospects of the upcoming ScreamVII film would be uneasy. At present, it has been shown that Christopher Landon, the director of Scream VII, will remain in his post. Yet other cast members have yet to be mentioned. Furthermore, the concerns about who would be removed from the movie next remain and create a stir among the cast and their fans.

However, sources insisted that Jenna Ortega’s leaving is unrelated to Barrera’s fire. Deadline reported that Ortega’s departure from the film is due to her busy filming schedule for the second season of Netflix’s Wednesday, released the following  April, and wrapping filming for Beetlejuice on September 6.

Still, her drop-off shows that she has tried to negotiate and asked for too much money from a film company, which Spyglass, a media group and film production of Scream VII, has yet to respond. Spyglass might also fire Jenna due to financial reasons. Indeed, Spyglass declined Neve Campbell to bring back because of too much money she asked a media company. Neve Cambell was also a star for 2022’s Scream, though she decided not to return to 2023’s Scream VI after a salary dispute.

Will there be a ScreamVII?

the series will return with ScreamVII after the release of ScreamVI in the US on April 25, 2023, and the series will return with ScreamVII. The seventh film will come out in late 2024 or early 2025. Though the ScreamVII is still expected to carry off, the current situation with missing some crucial stars, who no longer return, would become heavy to accomplish it.

Here is the trailer for Scream VII in 2024.

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